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Ecological Practices and Awards

In Sheraton Buganvilias Resort® & Convention Center, we are interested in the environment, therefore we are rewarding our guests that make an effort to conserve the water, energy and other natural resources.

Any guest staying at a participating Marriott Bonvoy® hotel can opt to “Make a Green Choice” going without cleaning services for up to three days, with the exception of the checkout day.

Prácticas ecológicas

¡Look at what a difference just one night can make!


37.2 Gallons * 37.2 gallons are 596 cups. This quantity is enough for a person to drink 2 cups a day for 1 year.


0.19 KWH * This energy can power a portable computer with Energy Star rate for 10 hours.

Natural Gas

25,000 btu * This energy is enough to heat up a room of 400 square feet to 70° C for 4 hours, to an exterior temperature of 10° F.


7 oz * Using less chemical products helps to generate less toxicity in the environment. And that is good for everyone.

* All quantities are estimates on the basis of the average size and use in a room.

Conservación de agua y electricidad

Conservation of water and electricity:

  • Intelligent irrigation practices.
  • Collection and filtering of rain water for irrigation.
  • Low water consuming toilets and urinals in public toilets.
  • Intelligent mixing taps in public bathroom sinks.
  • Equipment designed to save A/C energy.
  • Closing of little occupied pylons.
Minimizar el desecho de residuos

Minimizing residual waste:

  • Separation of solid urban waste and special management for recycling.
  • Final destination of solid urban waste and of special management.
  • Separation of dangerous waste.
  • Final destination of dangerous waste.
  • Sanitation of sewerage discharge
  • Control of emissions in the atmosphere.
Prácticas de concientización del medio ambiente

Environmental awareness practices:

  • Sustainable meetings.
  • Supporting of cleaning programs in the bay.
  • Practical courses to near schools.
  • Participation in the 60 Earth Hour program.
  • Caring and vigilance of the Federal Maritime Terrestrial zone.
  • Protection and vigilance of the endemic flower in the area.


Green Key

Green Key

Is an international prize that was originated in Denmark in 1994. Nowadays it forms part of the certification programs of the International Organization Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) and is the only environmental certification that is endorsed by the 4 most important Organizations on a global level: UNEP/PNUMA (Program of the United Nations for the Environment), OMT (World Organization of tourism), UNESCO (Organization of the United Nations for Education, Science and Culture), UICN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature). In Mexico this initiative in aligned with the National Development plan 2013-2018 as well as the National Tourist Policy and has the backing of institutions like the Mario Molina Centre, PROMEXICO, SEMARNAT, CONAGUA and SECTUR Green Key educates and empowers tourism stakeholders to modify unsustainable behaviors and to get involved in the important manner of the protection of their surroundings.

Turismo de Calidad Ambiental

Tourism of environmental quality

The tourism certification of environmental quality granted by the Federal Attorney’s office for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA) is a program to encourage participating businesses to improve their environmental performance, be more efficient and competitive in their production processes and to reduce the negative environmental impacts generated by their operations. The environmental audit’s goal is to know and analyze the situation that the business keeps, to identify opportunities to adjust and correct where there are conditions that could affect the environment.

Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work® Institute

Is a global investigation, consultancy and training company that helps Organizations to identify, create and maintain excellent workplaces through the development of cultures and high confidence. They work with businesses and Organizations without lucrative purposes and government institutions in 45 countries around the world. This certification is for the Organizations that maintain excellent working environments. The objective is to build a culture based on confidence that creates circles of collaboration and value in the people.

Distintivo Empresa Incluyente

Company encompassing Gilberto Rincón Gallardo®

The distinctive company encompassing® is granted through the Secretary of Work and Social Prevention (STPS) of Mexico to the governments and private or social institutions that have a policy of good practice and labor inclusion that they hire people with disabilities and elder adults amongst them. It acknowledges in its work places that within its staff are people in vulnerable situations and that a policy of good practice is applied within the framework of equal opportunities, inclusion, development and of anti-discrimination, with the upmost sense of social responsibility and respect for human rights.

Blue Flag

Blue Flag

Blue Flag is an international program that rewards beaches, marinas and vessels that carry out sighting activities of marine mammals. Blue Flag forms part of the development programs for the International Organization in the interest of environmental care named FEE (Foundation for Enviroment Education). The mission of this program is to promote the sustainable development of coastal environments through the requirement of elevated judgement of the quality of the water at the beach, environmental information and education, security, services and installations such as environmental software. We are the first hotel to receive double international certification in Mexico, granted by PRONATURA Mexico A.C. and the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education).

The International Hotel & Property Awards 2019 Winners

HOTEL DESIGN – AMERICAS & CARIBBEAN 2019 WINNER – 200 OR MORE ROOMS Hosted by leading interior design magazine in UK design et al, The International Design & Architecture Awards reward the best in design from across the globe. The awards have grown at an unprecedented and incredible rate into a respected global event, with more than 200 design companies from around the world competing annually and to celebrate some of the best design schemes, product launches and innovation from throughout the world.