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Privacy policy

PRIVACY NOTICE.- Sheraton Buganvilias Resort and Convention Center, through the means of Vallarta Internacional, S.A. de C.V. and/or the companies controlling companies and/or filial and/or subsidiaries to it (hereinafter, “Sheraton Buganvilias”), both with domicile on Blvd. Francisco Medina Ascencio # 999, Zona Hotelera las Glorias, Zip Code 48333, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico, respectful of the right to privacy of the information we handle or the one we relate to and that will always observe by following the principles of legality, consent, information, responsibility, purpose, loyalty, proportionality and quality and in compliance with the applicable juridical frame, especially the Federal Law of Protection of Personal Data in Possession by Particular entities (hereinafter “the LAW”) and its Bylaw, makes available this Privacy Notice (hereinafter, “the NOTICE”).
PERSONAL DATA.- “Sheraton Buganvilias” has adopted on technical, physical and administrative reasonable security measures to intend that your personal data remain safe, as well as restricted and limited to the staff who requires access to them. Personal data which we could have: copy of official identification, name, address, telephone, e-mail, nationality, Federal Tax Payer Code, Single Code of Population Registry, civil status, degree of academic studies., income and others, with the possibility of having data which may be considered sensible, that you have provided to “Sheraton Buganvilias” by any mean, in an enlisting but not restricted to, e-mail messages, website or on-line services, fax, filling of formats, phone calls, agreements, mail, business cards, etc.; which will be handled in order to provide lodging services, or providing information about products or services present and future ones, information about changes on the same and promotions, as well as to qualify the quality in the service rendered by “Sheraton Buganvilias”, or to identify you in any type of juridical or business relationship established with “Sheraton Buganvilias”.
By providing information to “Sheraton Buganvilias” by any means, you confirm that you agree upon the terms of this NOTICE. You have the right to access, rectify and cancel your PERSONAL DATA, as well as to oppose to the treatment of them or to revoke the consent that for such purpose you might have granted, through the procedures “Sheraton Buganvilias” has implemented. In order to learn about said procedures, requirements and terms, you can contact the area that is referred in section “MEANDS TO EXERT THE RIGHTS OF ACCESS, RECTIFICATION, CANCELLATION OR OPPOSITION” of this NOTICE: If you should decide not to give certain PERSONAL DATA, you accept the possibility of not having access to the services provided by “Sheraton Buganvilias” or to be considered an employee or provider of “Sheraton Buganvilias”.
All PERSONAL DATA that “Sheraton Buganvilias” obtains, as well as its use, access, handling, exploitation, transfer, availability, storage or disclosure will be obtained for the compliance of the obligations imposed on clients, employees, providers and counterparties according to applicable provisions, as well as for rendering their services. “Sheraton Buganvilias” shall maintain at all times confidentiality of the same in terms of the applicable provisions to confidentiality and those derived from the LAW, in this sense, “Sheraton Buganvilias” will be able to share PERSONAL DATA with:
  1. Subsidiary entities, affiliated and/or related to “Sheraton Buganvilias” and its regulating entities.

  2. Service Providers it has hired for the compliance of its purpose and goal.

  3. With third parties, when under the consideration of “Sheraton Buganvilias” is deemed necessary for the execution of its activities.

The people with whom “Sheraton Buganvilias” shares PERSONAL DATA will utilize the same in order to offer services on behalf of “Sheraton Buganvilias” and in order to fulfill any legal applicable requirement, and they shall deal with such PERSONAL DATA in agreement to the privacy and information security requirements issued by “Sheraton Buganvilias”; Equally, “Sheraton Buganvilias” shall reveal PERSONAL DATA in compliance of legal provision or whenever any legal process so should demand, as well by any competent authorities;
For the protection of your personal data, “Sheraton Buganvilias” has instrumented security administrative, physical and technical measures with the purpose of avoiding any losses, misuse or alteration of the information.
In the exercise of the rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition (ARCO rights due to Spanish words), as well as the rights of disclosure, limitation of or revocation of the consent of use, it shall be done by submitting a written request, obtaining an acknowledgment of receipt issued by “Sheraton Buganvilias” or by certified mail addressing our Personal Data Department at the domicile located on Blvd. Francisco Medina Ascencio # 999, Zona Hotelera las Glorias, Zip Code 48333, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico, containing the explanation of the motif of your request signed, accompanied by a copy of your official identification, indicating the domicile to receive notices or answers, having a maximum term of 30 business days, beginning from the date the request is received, in order to answer if the same should proceed. In the case your request proceeds, you will have a maximum term of 15 days to exert your ARCO rights.
The present notice is made extensive also for personal data of those natural persons related with clients, prospects, users, providers and/or representatives of moral entities from which said data has been collected, “Sheraton Buganvilias” holds the right of making modifications or updating to the present privacy NOTICE at any time; equally, it can be modified at no prior notice in order to comply with different orders disclosed by the corresponding authorities, whether in reason of internal policies, new requirements for the rendering or offer our services or products or due to new practices utilized in the market and you will be able to access to our web page whenever necessary.
The English translation of this document is provided as a courtesy to English-speaking people. In all cases, the Spanish version will be the only document that will be valid for all legal purposes in Mexico. We have attempted to provide the best translation possible, however; due to differences in the legal systems between Mexico (Civil Law) and that of the USA or Canada, among other countries, (Common Law), we will not accept any responsible for any conflict due to different interpretations that may arise between the Spanish and English versions. In the event of any dispute in the interpretation hereof, the Spanish version shall always prevail.
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