Love That Dog

Accepting pets program (only dogs).

  • We have a series of rules and conditions for staying at the Sheraton Buganvilias Resort® & Convention Center with your dog. The weight limit of a dog will be 40 pounds or less (18 kilograms).
  • Dogs with an established heavier weight will be authorized by management before accepting the reservation (With the exception of support or guide dogs, which will be accepted). The name, race and weight of the dog should be provided, as well as contact information in the event of an emergency such as name, telephone and mobile number of the owner.
  • Keep your dog on a lead or inside a cage whilst in public areas.
  • Keep the dog away from all areas serving food (restaurants), including the areas of the swimming pool and tennis court.
  • You should be present when any member of hotel personnel, housekeeping or maintenance are in the room.
  • Housekeeping should be scheduled in advance and carried out when the dog is not in the room or when the owner is present.
  • Keep the dog with you or leave a designated person with it at all times and do not leave it alone in your room.
  • Prevent noise or any other disturbance that the dog could cause at the cost of other guests in the hotel.
  • Pay additional cleaning or reparation fees when necessary and permit the hotel to charge your credit card with said charges, including after your checkout from the hotel.
  • If the dog provokes complaints to the hotel from other guests or hotel personnel, at the request of hotel management you will make immediate arrangements to look for accommodation for your dog outside of the hotel.
  • Cost: $ 20 USD (+19% tax.) per night, per dog.

Before staying with your pet, we recommend you read our terms and conditions.

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