Sheraton Buganvilias Resort & Convention Center

Sheraton Buganvilias Resort & Convention Center

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+52 (322) 226 0404 • Reservaciones: 800 326 4600

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+52 (322) 226 0404 • Reservaciones: 800 326 4600

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the water safe to drink?

The hotel is equipped with a purification system. The system of Puerto Vallarta’s drinking water has been certified as drinking water for 20 consecutive years; as a service for guests, bottles of water are available in each room.

Are there hairdryers in the room?


Can you use a computer or any other electronic product in the hotel?

Yes the voltage is compatible with that of the United States. 110 volts and offers high speed wireless internet service in all hotel rooms with extra charge.

Do you need a passport?

Yes a passport is required to travel to other countries from Mexico. Also you must convert foreign money to the national currency.

Do I need to change all my dollars for pesos?

Yes, American and Canadian dollars or any currency or foreign currency is not received in the consumption and spa centers. You can change your currency at the hotel reception.

Do you offer an all-inclusive plan?

Yes, we offer the option for an all-inclusive packet, furthermore we have other food options available that can be acquired at reception.

Is there transport to the airport?

Taxis are available 24 hours, bellboys can be consulted regarding the prices.

How far is the hotel from the airport?

Approximately 15 minutes by car (6 km.)

¿How can one get to the surroundings of Puerto Vallarta?

Thanks to the proximity of the hotel you can get to the center of Puerto Vallarta walking, for other tourist attractions there is a taxi service or a good bus service.

Is the golf course near?

Membership to the Marina Vallarta and Vista Vallarta golf course is available, the golf concierge can make arrangements for you and we are only 10 minutes away by car. There are more golf courses 20 minutes away.

Is there a babysitting service in the hotel?

Yes. Baby sitters are available from $23 dollars an hour, pay more for a taxi after 10pm. Consult the Concierge.

Can I pay in cash for the stay consumption?

For our customers convenience, the only option that has been established to pay for services, is with credit and / or debit card. An even more comfortable alternative is to open credit directly at reception and sea with credit card, debit card or cash deposit from the moment of your arrival. In the consumption and spa centers, cash payments are not accepted.

Is there an activity program for children?

Yes, we provide the program Sheratoons available for children all year. These activities are in courtesy Monday to Sunday 10 am-6pm, with special programs during the holiday season.

When is the rainy season?

From the middle of June until the middle of September, normally the rain is during the evening or the night.

Is Puerto Vallarta safe?

Yes it is very safe and has been classified as a friendly city, there is a tourist policy in the center to help any visitor. We recommend you take the usual precautions whilst enjoying your visit.

Is there a local dry cleaners?

Yes, laundry and dry cleaning services are offered in the hotel Monday to Saturday.

How can one organize tourist walks or excursions?

The concierge can assist you with reservations for excursions and walks.

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